This is our business at the core, as all the explorers show it, and all the teams that put their trust in us, we don’t plan to disappointed them.


Winter provides multiple, highly secure delegation services on different networks,


We offer high rewards, we only take our commission, no other costs involved.


Security audited to protect customer’s data assets, all backed up, defended from attacks

Our servers

Winter provides validation services for digital networks listed below.We are actively expanding and will join more networks very soon!

E – money

Built on Cosmos technology, the e-Money protocol is built for the issuance of a range of interest-bearing currency-backed stablecoins reflecting various world currencies.


Solana enjoys interest from small-time traders and institutional traders due to the innovative hybrid consensus model, focus on make finance accessible on a larger scale.


Rowan is both Sifchain’s decentralized governance token and settlement token. Traders swapping two external assets will use ROWAN as a settlement token.


Kava is a cross-chain DeFi lending platform that allows users to borrow USDX 
stablecoins and deposit a variety of cryptocurrencies to begin earning a yield.


The mission of Rizon blockchain is to provide a platform where fiat currencies around the world can be securely issued on and enable businesses to interoperate with each other through the Cosmos IBC


Desmos is a protocol to build open and decentralized social networks.


Alex Gladstein describes how Bitcoin offered entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Sudan and Ethiopia a much-needed, financial resource for helping their families and communities throughout their countries.

It’s the city’s first cracked case of an online pyramid scheme that used cryptocurrencies, according to authorities.

The RUNE protocol went live with synthetic assets trading on its platform last Thursday.

Concerns over the economy and the situation in the Ukraine linger.

The 6.6{cd8f3401742956fd66047f065128dbe0b6d00d43f8b7f319c5f64f9e539b5ea6} drop for the largest cryptocurrency was bitcoin’s steepest since Jan. 21.

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